9:00-10:30 Yoga II9:00-10:30 Yoga IIWorkshops (confirm)
11:00-12:15 Yoga for wellnessYoga at Kalamaki
17:30-18:45 Yoga for wellness
Workshops & Meditation (1st Friday of the month)
19:30-21:00 Yoga I19:30-21:00 Yoga I

Information on different classes

Yoga I  for all irrespective of experience and physical condition. This group welcomes experienced and non experienced practicioners.

Yoga  II classes for all people without physical challenges, with at least one years experience.

Yoga for wellness for all people and the ones that are facing physical challenges or want a mild practice. Suitable for pregnant women after completion of 13th week of pregnancy with their doctors consent.

Every last Sunday of each month we will spend the day in Silence deepening our Yoga and Meditation practice.

If there is sufficient demand the following classes will take place:

Early rise for all and especially if you like to experience deep connection with nature as we practice outdoors when weather permits.

Yoga for pregnancy, for  women that have completed the  13th week of pregnancy and have their doctors permission.

Yoga flow classes for practitioners that have already developed body awareness and respect and do not have major physical challenges.

Yoga for the young ones for young practitioners. Yoga is practiced through a playful way according to the participants ages.

Please confirm your place. Schedule can vary slightly some weeks.